4.8 Tungsten Electrode

4.8 tungsten electrode    4.8 tungsten electrode

Shape of tungsten needle tip is a critical factor for TIG, when using DCSP,electrode tip is needed to br tip shape, and tip angle would change due to the different range of applications, electrode diameter and welding current. Narrow joints need smaller tip angle, when welding very thin material, it requires low current to stabilize the arc, proper grounding electrode can make a good arc stability and appropriate bead width. Cerium tungsten electrode and thoriated tungsten electrode are working in DC welding (color are gray head and red head), pure tungsten (green head) is suitable for welding AC welding (welding of aluminum).

Name  Color Impurity Characteristic Defect
WC Gray 1.8-2.2%Ce Arcing good in low current , environmentally friendly without radioactive, stable current. Current carrying capacity is relatively poor.
WT Red 1.7-2.2%Th Low loss, arc easily, long life. Slightly radioactive.
WL Shy Blue 1.8-2.2%La Similar to thorium tungsten electrode, and the AC welding is also desirable.  Price is slightly higher,
WP Green - Low price. Loss fast, poor withstanding current capability.
WY Blue 1.8-2.2%Yt Strong penetrability, arc beam is slightness, degreen of compressed is large. Higher price.
WZ White 0.2-0.4Zr Good resistance to corrosion.  


2)Length:150mm, 175mm. Other lengths can be customized.

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