Tungsten Sheet

By special processing, produce hot-rolling and cold-rolling products with high quality W slabs, such as W electrode plate, heater, heat-shield and W boats ets, which are used in electronics, electronic-vacuum and illumination etc.

Tungsten sheet surface condition: tungsten sheet

Material may be supplied with as-rolled, as cleaned, as machined, or as-ground finish; Dependent upon thickness

Heat treatment:

Tungsten sheets are rolled and annealed to provide the optimum condition for the desired end use.

Purity: 99.95% min
Appearance: It has metallic silver luster.
Density: 19.15g /cm3
Thickness: 0.2mm - 2.0 mm.

High-Density Tungsten Sheet

Features of Nittan Tungsten Sheet

* Radiation shielding effect equivalent to that of lead (For example, tungsten sheet of 1.2mm thickness has the same radiation shielding effect as that of lead plate of 1.3mm thickness: 1.3mm lead equivalent.)
* Price is less than half that of tungsten alloy having the same radiation shielding effect.
* Machinability: Easier to machine than lead, that is, the sheet can be cut or holed with home-use scissors, formed into shape having any curved surface; softer than lead, retractable, foldable, and durable to repeated bending.
* Easy to handle (No risk of pollution by lead)
* Excellent thermal plasticity, possible to form into shape having cylindrical or complicated curved surface



• X-ray inspection device for testing soldered joint
• X-ray inspection device for medical use
• Radiation shielding material and radiation-protective equipment for nuclear facilities
• Shielding material for radiation-protective gears for general use (such as an apron for X-ray operator)
• Consumer-use products such as raw material for vibration suppression, weight, acoustic (audio) isolation, etc. because of characteristics of enabling 3-dimensional forming
• γ-ray shielding material for nuclear reactor piping, as a substitute for lead fiber mat


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