Tungsten Tube

Tungsten tube, also named wolfram tube is a main product of pure tungsten products, which is making with purity of 99.95%min. meanwhile, its density can be higher to 18.2g/cm3 for sintering and 19.2g/cm3 after swaging. With its high density, the product is widely used as shielding material. As for the material is also with tungsten properties, high melting point, high boiling point, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and low thermal expansion. The tube can be used as pipe in melting other metals.

Tungsten tube is making according to GB/T 4187-1984 in Chinese standard and international standard of ASTM F288-90. The physical and chemical properties can reach the attached parts as the basic standard.

 Tungsten Tube Tungsten-Tube Tungsten-Tube

The manufacturing process of the wolfram tube is using metallurgy: molding, sintering, swaging, grounding and inspection, packing.

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