Tungsten Electrode Holder

tungsten electrode holder


Tungsten electrode holder is also known as tungsten needle holder, tungsten rod clips, clamps, gun holder, tungsten clip, and clamp. During welding, it can clamp electrode to avoid falling. Electrode holder is composed of into the clamp and a jacket. Clamp is copper material, while the jacket is a plastic material, the two may be used in combination.
Generally speaking, the electrode is used in a jacket, flow guide or copper head. Specifications need to match with specifications of electrodes. Conventional electrode sizes are Ø1.6mm, Ø2.4mm and Ø3.2mm, so the size of the tungsten electrode holder may also be given in accordance with the diameter of these specifications. Special specifications are Ø4.0mm, Ø6.0mm, Ø8.0mm and so on.
Clamp materials are also brass, chrome-plated outside. It can also be processed by copper. All copper is suitable for processing electrode holders because such metals can be made by heat treatment or cold deformation. It has strong anti-deforming capability and electrical conductivity.

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