Tungsten Base Plate

Tungsten base plate, also known as tungsten tray or tungsten pillar, is a supporter for tungsten crucible in sapphire crystal growth furnace, mainly used in rare earth smelting, quartz glass, electronic spraying, crystal growth and other industries. When a tungsten crucible is used in a furnace, it is supported and fixed with a supporter.

When the supporter is used, the contact area between base plate and tungsten crucible is large, which is a waste of tungsten material when they are prone to adhesion. The tube and the tray are mostly integrally formed, so when the tray and the tungsten crucible are in contact with crystallization or damage, they need to be replaced together, which costs greatly.

Therefore, improvements are currently being made to the support structure. By opening a groove at the top of the tray, the contact area between the top of the tray and the bottom of the tungsten crucible can be reduced, thereby reducing the probability of adhesion, and the amount of tungsten metal used is greatly reduced, saving materials and thus production costs; The support block that can move up and down increases the stability of the support, and it is not easy to stick, and the use effect is better; by movably connecting the tray to the top of the supporting tungsten tube, when the tray is damaged, only the tray is replaced. It is not only sample and convenient, but also can save sources and working time.

tungsten base plate photo tungsten pillar photo

tungsten base plate

tungsten pillar

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