Tungsten Rod Heaters

A tungsten rod heater is an electrical heating element, usually made of tungsten metal, used in high temperature heating applications. The working principle of the tungsten rod heater is to make the tungsten rod generate high temperature to heat the object through resistance heating.

Tungsten rod heaters are usually cylindrical in shape and consist of one or more tungsten rods, each of which is wrapped in an insulating tube to protect the user. Usually used with a temperature controller, it can accurately control the temperature of the heater and keep it within the set range.

The advantages of tungsten rod heaters include:

High temperature performance: The high melting point of tungsten allows it to work stably at high temperatures.

Strong corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

Fast heating speed: It can heat up quickly and reach the required temperature in a short time.

Uniform heating: It can provide uniform heating capacity, so that the heating object can be heated evenly.

Long life: can maintain high performance in multiple uses.

Tungsten rod heaters are widely used in various high-temperature heating equipment, such as vacuum furnaces, electron beam melting furnaces, high-temperature ovens, high-temperature reactors, etc.

tungsten rod heaters image tungsten rod heaters image

tungsten rod heaters

tungsten rod heaters

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