Tungsten Crucible Cover

A tungsten crucible cover/lid is a vessel lid for high temperature applications, usually made of tungsten metal. It is a lid used to cover a crucible or container to protect materials or samples in the container from contamination or oxidation at high temperatures.

Tungsten crucible covers have the following advantages:

High temperature stability: Due to the high melting point of tungsten, it can work stably at high temperature.

Corrosion resistance: Tungsten metal has good corrosion resistance and can work in harsh environments such as acid and alkali.

Wear resistance: Tungsten metal has good wear resistance and can withstand long-term use without wearing out.

Good sealing: the tungsten crucible cover has good sealing performance, which can prevent the sample from being polluted by the outside world.

Long Life: It can maintain high performance and long life in multiple uses.

Tungsten crucible covers are widely used in high-temperature melting, sintering, annealing and other processes; they can be used to cover tungsten crucibles, platinum crucibles, quartz crucibles and other containers, and are often used to prepare high-purity metals, ceramics, glass, electronic components and other materials. Tungsten crucible lids can also be used in high-temperature sintering processes, processes for synthesizing metal and ceramic materials, and high-temperature gas-phase reactions.

tungsten crucible cover image tungsten crucible cover image

tungsten crucible cover

tungsten crucible cover

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