Tungsten Mandrel Shaft

During the manufacture of quartz glass, quartz sand is poured into a crucible in a vertical furnace to melt, and then drawn through a nozzle into rods or sheets. In the production of quartz glass rods, the products involved include nozzles, fusion tubes made of seamless parts, fusion tubes made of riveted molybdenum or tungsten sheets, forged mandrels shafts.

tungsten mandrel shaft tungsten mandrel shaft

Tungsten and molybdenum components can withstand extreme stress during quartz glass production and can withstand temperatures up to 2200°C. By using high-purity raw materials and using a special production process to ensure the high purity and high density of the tungsten mandrel shaft and other components, it can prevent the formation of air bubbles and fading in the glass.

Generally, the mandrel shaft is made of tungsten lanthanum alloy or molybdenum lanthanum alloy. After high compression ratio forging, the length of the mandrel can reach 2500mm and the diameter can reach more than 80mm.

Tungsten Mandrel Shaft Specification

Diameter (mm)

Length (mm)

Matched Tungsten Tube (mm)













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