Iridium Tube

Iridium Tube Picture

Iridium tube is an important product of iridium used as a part of tungsten stream mouth with tungsten body. It is mainly applied in induction furnace for producing aluminum silicate refractory fiber and quartz glass, etc.

The density of iridium tube is not less than 21.00g/cm3. And the purity of raw material (iridium powder) is not lower than the grade of iridium powder in GB/T 1422 SM-Ir99.95.

Grade, status and specification of iridium tube should be consistent with the following table.

Grade Status Specification/mm
Y Outer Diameter Length Wall Thickness
φ5.5 ≥25~100 0.6、07、0.8
φ7.0 ≥25~200

Diameter, wall thickness, length and tolerance of iridium tube are shown in the table below.

Outer Diameter/mm Tolerance of Outer Diameter Wall Thickness/mm Tolerance of Wall Thickness Length/mm Tolerance of Length
5.5~6.5 ±0.1 0.6、0.7、0.8 ±0.05 ≥25~100 +2
≥6.5~10.0 ±0.13 ≥100~200 +3
≥10.0~12.0 ±0.15

The abovementioned iridium tube Chinatungsten Online provided is manufactured in accordance with Chinese standard. We always welcome your special requirements in specification, if so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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