Tungsten Stream Mouth Application - Refractory Ceramics

Tungsten Stream Mouth picture

Tungsten stream mouth is composed of tungsten body and iridium tube. It means the product is a kind of tungsten alloy stream mouth. The tungsten alloy stream mouth has many applications, one of which is used as a high temperature container for the production of refractory ceramics. Then, what is refractory ceramic?

Refractory ceramic is referred to as the ceramic materials whose melting temperature is greater than the melting point of silicon oxide (1728 degrees Celsius). The stream mouth made of high-quality tungsten, as a container, is often applied under high temperature. While how many kinds of ceramics can use the tungsten alloy stream mouth for production?

Silicide ceramics, high temperature oxide ceramics, boride ceramics, nitride ceramics, and carbide ceramics, etc. These ceramics, as high temperature engineering materials, are widely used in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, chemical engineering, aviation, electronics, atomic energy, and so on.

Therefore, as an important component for the production of these ceramics, tungsten stream mouth’s applications in these areas are gradually increased.

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