Tungsten Stream Mouth Application - Quartz Glass Melting

Tungsten Stream Mouth picture

Tugnsten stream mouth has a variety of applications, in which it can be applied in melting quartz glass, as a key discharge unit.

Because of the excellent combination between iridium tube and tungsten body, the tungsten alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, precise outflow performance and many other good advantages, thus, ensuring that the tungsten alloy stream mouth can reduce the impact of flushing on the iridium tube when the high temperature slurry outflows. And therefore, the furnace used to melt quartz glass has a longer service life.

In a word, the stream mouth made of tungsten alloy satisfies the material requirements of the furnace (corrosion resistance, high purity, longer service life, etc.) in the quartz glass manufacturing process.

Quartz glass is widely applied in national defense, electronics industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical industry, special high-purity products for refining equipment, production of semiconductors, laboratory equipment, optical instruments and other fields. So, with increasing demand for quartz glass in these industries, the demand for tungsten stream mouth will also rise.

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