Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth Type

tungsten iridium stream mouth image

Standard and customized tungsten iridium stream mouth type can be made by Chinatungsten. The types refer to different dimensions of tungsten body and iridium tube.

The standard types are as following:
Tungsten Body: Ø66x100, Ø88x80
Iridium Tube:
Outer Diameter (OD) Ø5.5, Ø 6.0, Ø 6.5, Ø 7.0, Ø 8.0, Ø 10.0, Ø 12.0
Height (H) 27+/-1
Thickness (T) 0.6, 0.7, 0.8

Besides the standard types, customized ones can also be produced by Chinatungsten.

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