Iridium Applications

Iridium Applications Picture

Iridium has the features of high melting point, high stability and other advantages so that it has a wide range of applications and its importance is also reflected in many special occasions. However, the uses of iridium have been limited to some extent due to its disadvantages of brittleness and loss at high temperature. Here are some of main applications of iridium as follows:
1. Iridium tube, one of main iridium products, is part of the tungsten stream mouth (the other part is tungsten body).
2. Iridium/iridium rhodium thermocouple is the only thermometrical material of precious metal capable of measuring temperatures up to 2100°C in the atmosphere thanks to high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermoelectric properties of iridium.
3. Iridium crucible, an important precious metal vessel, be used to grow refractory oxide crystals at 2100~2200°C for thousands of hours.
4. As a container for radioactive heat source.
5. For non-destructive testing (NDT) and radiotherapy (Ir192, γ-ray source).
6. For producing iridium oxide film, a promising electrochromic material.
7. As an alloying element (with corrosion resistance and high temperature performance of iridium). For example, osmium - iridium alloy, be used for compass bearings and scales. Iridium-titanium alloy is used as pipe material. Some of long-term components used in aircraft engines are also made of iridium alloys. Some iridium alloys are also applied in some key sectors.
8. For manufacturing multi-hole spinneret, spinneret for the extrusion of plastic polymer fibers, such as rayon.
9. Iridium compounds also have their own unique uses.
10. The earliest material of pen point.

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