Tungsten Bolt

tungsten bolt

Tungsten bolt is a fasten part used to combine the head and thread bolt. This is not a separate part during using in the machine parts, it should be used together with screw and for the center hole mechanical parts screwed together. There are many types of bolt head, can be straight line, hexagonal, etc.

Bolts, also known as a screw, bolt screws, or called be called fasteners directly. It is mainly applied the principles of physics and mathematical slant circular rotation and friction, and is a gradual tightening artifacts mechanical tool.

Bolts are widely used in daily life and industrial production, which is also known as the rice of industry. Bolts are mainly used in electronic products, machinery products, digital products, electrical equipment, machinery and electrical machinery products. Ships, vehicles, water conservancy, even chemistry experiment are also applied bolt. Other applications, such as double-precision bolts used in DVD, cameras, eyeglasses, watches, electronics, micro bolts, large bolts used in television, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture and other general bolts.

tungsten bolt Chinatungsten

Tungsten bolt is a very important bolt, which is mainly used for high temperature furnace, sintering furnace, furnace and other high-temperature environments. The main reason is because tungsten owns property of high temperature resistance, whose melting point can be up to 3410 ℃. During use, tungsten bolts should be paid attention to their fragile characteristics, which is not suitable for use in high-intensity vibration machines, but more suitable in a static environment.

Tungsten bolts are also having different standards, such as American, British. The choosing of the standard should come to their match machines.

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